How Strong is a Rottweiler? 11 Other Facts. The Rottweiler is a robust breed with a strong sense of family loyalty. They initially developed to pull carts and drive cattle, so their physical prowess should not surprise them. So how powerful are Rottweilers exactly?

At an average of 328 psi, Rottweilers have one of the most vital biting forces of any domestic dog breed. Additionally, they have one of the most critical pull forces and can be untrained to pull over 1000 pounds. They are also solid overall due to the highly dense muscles that make up their body.

But the tale is not over yet. Continue reading to discover more about how Rottweilers stack up against other dogs in size, bite force, mental toughness, and general strength.

Ever Wonder Why Rottweilers are so Strong?

Everybody can tell when they see a German Rottweiler. They are significant, innovative, and frightening.

Rottweilers are powerful dogs, despite their seeming weight. It’s one of the most challenging breeds.

Ever ponder why Rottweilers are such powerful dogs?

Rottweilers’ physical proportions and mighty bite force contribute to their strength and endurance. They are one of the most substantial dog breeds today thanks to their broad necks, stocky, muscular bodies, and powerful and heavy jaws.

Are Rottweilers Dangerous?

How Strong is a Rottweiler?
How Strong is a Rottweiler?

Yes! They can be dangerous. 

If they have been properly trained, Rottweilers may be safe. They are protective dogs who don’t welcome guests into their homes. A rottweiler may become aggressive toward you if you try to visit their home, especially if they haven’t been properly trained. 

When Rottweilers are trained and raised in a household with people and other dogs, they become more devoted family members, friendly to guests, and less aggressive toward other dogs. 

However, as I already mentioned, rottweilers are aggressive guard dogs. Even though they were properly socialized and trained, they may still be hostile toward visitors who enter their homes. These dogs make great guard dogs due to their territorial nature.

You do not want to mess with a rottweiler unless they are your friend. Since 1982, 365 children and 210 adults have been victims of attacks by 714 rottweilers that were fatal or disfiguring. They killed 113 individuals. 

This statistic demonstrates that rottweilers can be dangerous dogs unless they are trained and if they are your friends.

If you need to learn a Rottweiler well, NEVER approach one. Anytime it feels the need to defend its owner, it can switch between attack and defense mode. They might still attack you even if you are chatting with the owner or petting the Rottweiler. That demonstrates how devoted to their owner they are! 

How Strong is a Rottweilers Bite?

How Strong is a Rottweiler?
How Strong is a Rottweiler?

Psi stands for pounds per square inch. We are used to expressing the force of a dog bite. We must make comparisons with other species’ biting forces to comprehend how robust a Rottweiler’s taste is.

They typically have a bite force of 669 psi, roughly half that of a shark. With an average bite force of 328 psi, the Rottie ranks among the breeds of dogs kept at home.

See how they stack up against some other well-known dog breeds below for context:

  • American Bulldog – 305 psi
  • German Shepard – 238 psi
  • Pitbull – 235 psi

Keep your Rottweiler away from young children and older people unless it has been adequately socialized and trained.

Due to their enormous size and inexhaustible energy, they may accidentally run into people, resulting in accidents.

Are Rottweilers More Dangerous Than Pitbull?

How Strong is a Rottweiler?
How Strong is a Rottweiler?

Nope. Rottweilers are less dangerous than Pitbull. 

There have been some fatalities worldwide because of Rottweilers. However, most canine attack deaths worldwide are brought on by pit bulls. There are five lethal attacks by pit bulls for every fatal attack by a Rottweiler. 

It’s not the pit bulls’ severe bite that causes problems. They have the drawback of refusing to release the bite once it has focused on the target. Stay away from pit bulls if you don’t want to risk getting bitten and hurt. 

You shouldn’t mess with Rottweilers even though they are less dangerous than pit bulls. Keep in mind that they can bite with 328 pounds of pressure. They do indeed have a stronger bite force than Pitbull’s. Rottweilers still possess a lethal bite force to kill their prey.

Why are Rottweilers Physically Strong?

How Strong is a Rottweiler?
How Strong is a Rottweiler?

Rottweilers bred hundreds of years ago to guard homes, carry meat carts, and herd animals to slaughter places.

Initially, they design to be robust to control powerful animals like bulls.

Even today, one of the traits of this breed continues to be nudging things, animals, and humans.

Due to the lack of refrigerators, Roman troops traveling to Germany could not kill their livestock. The Roman Molossus, the Rottweiler’s predecessor, was responsible for helping the troops herd their livestock.

Rottweilers were ideal for these jobs due to their strength and stamina. Due to their muscular build and stocky physique, they could also easily handle large items.

Cattlemen would even wear money purses around their necks to deter robbers while wearing the dogs.

 A typical male is 29 inches (74 cm) tall and weighs about 133 lbs (60 kg).

The ‘Rottie’ is slightly longer than other large breed canine than other large dogs.

The bones and muscle mass of the Rottweiler give him a robust and compact appearance due to the size of his frame.

The breed’s robust and well-muscled neck adds to its overall power.

Understandably, walking this breed on a leash cannot be accessible due to its straight back, powerful and deep loins, and powerfully developed muscular forearms. For example, a ‘Rottie’ can wholly and quickly pull its owner to the ground.

In the video below, a 132 lb (60 kg) Rottweiler pulls 15168 lb (6880 kg), a prime illustration of the breed’s incredible strength.

However, a Rottweiler’s power is more than just due to its physique and well-defined body. Another factor contributing to this breed’s inclusion in the Top 10 list of most muscular dogs is the force of its bite.

Are Rottweilers Mentally Strong?

How Strong is a Rottweiler?
How Strong is a Rottweiler?

In addition to their physical prowess and powerful bite, Rottweilers also possess a quality that frequently disregards: mental prowess.

They are incredibly bright, especially in terms of their capacity to discern the motives of strangers and their impulses to defend and guard.

Furthermore, these giants are gentle giants if adequately educated and raised. They are devoted, kind, and loving.

They are ideal for the following jobs because of their qualities

Service dogs 

Besides their physical strength, Rottweilers make great service dogs because they are intelligent and dedicated. It makes sense that they frequently utilize it for border and customs protection. 

Therapy dogs

When appropriately trained, a Rottweiler is a calm, sensitive, and friendly dog. They are the ideal candidates for therapy dogs due to these qualities. 

Guide dogs

The size of a Rottweiler is ideal for the physically demanding nature of this profession. Even though not all Rottweilers make good guiding dogs, their intelligence and temperament make them ideal candidates. 

Drafting and carting

an entertaining activity where dogs pull a wagon or cart. The Rottweiler is ideal for this sport because of its history of cart-pulling.

Is A Rottweiler A Good Family Dog?

How Strong is a Rottweiler?
How Strong is a Rottweiler?

The aggressive, territorial, and protective nature of rottweilers make them ideal guard dogs, but they still value family time. Protecting their loved ones is the top priority in the lives of these sweet, loving dogs known as Rottweilers.

A rottweiler can make a good family pet if properly socialized and trained. 

Families with children can benefit greatly from owning a Rottweiler. Despite their size, Rottweilers make excellent family pets because of their affectionate and devoted nature. If a Rottweiler is trained correctly, it will defend your kids from dangers like kidnappers. 

Is A Rottweiler A Good Guard Dog?

How Strong is a Rottweiler?
How Strong is a Rottweiler?

Yes! Naturally overprotective dogs, rottweilers. They put their families and canine friends under excessive protection. They make good guard dogs because of their protective nature.

A Rottweiler can be trained and socialized to become less hostile toward strangers who don’t pose a threat. If not, they’ll attack to defend their owner.

How Much Can A Rottweiler Pull?

In addition to having a powerful bite, Rottweilers are strong enough to pull hefty carts. 

Rottweilers are bred to labor and pull carts. Choose this dog breed if you want to compete in dog weight-pulling events. Rottweilers can pull anything thanks to their powerful, muscular physique!

A rottweiler is capable of pulling loads up to a thousand pounds. Stronger and better-trained rottweilers can tow 15,168 pounds—or 6880 kilograms—of weight! These dogs are strong enough to pull one big truck!

Watch a rottweiler pushing carts weighing 15,168 pounds in the video below!

You can see how tough rottweilers are just from that video. Many rottweilers are competing in the competition if you look at other online videos of dog weight-pulling events. 

 They biologically design to work and lift heavy objects. Although other breeds are competing, they cannot equal the strength of rottweilers!                                                     

Rottweiler Bite Force

The average human biting force is 162 PSI, for some context.

Here are the top 10 animal bite forces

  • Nile crocodile – 5,000 PSI
  • Saltwater crocodile – 3,700 PSI
  • American alligator – 2,125 PSI
  • Hippopotamus – 1,800 PSI
  • Jaguar – 1,500 PSI
  • Bull shark – 1,350 PSI
  • Gorilla – 1,300 PSI
  • Polar bear – 1,200 PSI
  • Grizzly bear – 1,160 PSI
  • Hyena – 1,100 PSI

As you can see, the Rottweiler is nothing compared to some of nature’s most deadly predators, such as the crocodile, shark, or bear. Its bite force is twice as strong as a human’s, but it still has sharp teeth.            

How Strong is a Rottweiler Compared to Other Large Dog Breeds?

How Strong is a Rottweiler?
How Strong is a Rottweiler?

With an average biting force of 328 psi, they are among the most challenging breeds of domestic dogs. We’ve already seen how strong this is, but happily, the species is also trained and can learn to adjust its bite as necessary for various scenarios.

The Rottweiler pulls more weight proportionately than any other domestic dog breed. For many years, this was their primary duty, in addition to being an excellent herding animal.

When comparing the strength of the Rottweiler to other dog breeds, these two traits alone put them far ahead of the pack. However, there are also other overlooked qualities.

“A Rottweiler could easily defeat most dog breeds in a fight, but it might struggle against an English Mastiff or an American Pitbull Terrier.”

It is because, despite their size and might, Rottweilers are not necessarily as violent as other dogs. 

There are guard dog types that develop from taking on lions and bears that would easily defeat a Rottweiler in a battle, but these dogs are not supposed to keep as pets.

The Carpathian Shepard, Tibetan Mastiff, and Kangal are some examples.

Do Rottweilers Have Lockjaw?

The answer to this query is unmistakably “no.”

Contrary to popular opinion, once a Rottweiler bites down on something, their jaws cannot lock intentionally or involuntarily.

It’s crucial to remember that there isn’t a breed of dog that can genuinely lock its jaws.

Some jaw problems may develop due to a neurological ailment or other general illness, even if lockjaw in Rottweilers or any different breed is a myth.

How Big Does A Rottweiler Get?

How Strong is a Rottweiler?
How Strong is a Rottweiler?

The breed of Rottweilers is big, powerful, and muscular. Compared to certain giant dog breeds, they are less, but they are more sturdy. They are solid about each other. 

Male Rottweilers typically weigh 95 to 130 pounds and have shoulders ranging from 24 to 27 inches.

Women’s average height and weight are 22 to 25 inches and 85 to 115 points, respectively.

This dog breed is larger than the standard size but not by a considerable margin.

PITBULL VS ROTTWEILER – Which is More Powerful?[Video]

How Strong is a Rottweiler?

Final thoughts

The real strength of the Rottweiler is extreme, including its ability to pull and bite hard. If you are willing to train them in the time and effort necessary, they are also a fantastic breed of dog to own as a pet. We’ve seen that they are among the most muscular canines regarding muscular mass, pulling power, and bite force. However, they also possess exceptional mental toughness. 

They are excellent at utilizing their strengths because they are protective and devoted canines. They determine how to assist their owners and who to defend them from using their brains and good instincts honed throughout their time spent herding. Overall, they make lovely pets and will never disappoint you in strength.

So, I hope you got the full idea on How Strong is a Rottweiler.

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