A World Without Dogs We Do Not Believe That!    

Unwavering love. Devoted friendship. Constant amusement. The majority of dog lovers are aware that having a dog improves life. But is that information grounded in a gut instinct, or is there another factor at play? Those are Science.

The benefits of spending time with canine companions are enormous. According to recent studies, owning a dog is excellent for you physically and mentally. Dogs improve our well-being, help us deal with stress, and even assist us in finding love. Here are ten advantages of owning a dog that science has backed up.

Here are 10 Advantages of Get a Dog

01Dogs Can Keep You Safe

Why Get A Dog?
Why Get A Dog?

Barking dogs have been demonstrated in studies to assist in preventing break-ins and other violent acts. Dogs have enhanced hearing and scent senses, allowing them to pick up on things you can’t and warn you of potential danger. It can be frustrating when the mail carrier knocks on the door, but a dog’s inherent instinct to guard their house and family can be valuable if something more nefarious happens.

Having Fido around can help ease your mind, which benefits your mental and physical health, whether going for a walk or cuddling up in bed.

02Dogs make us feel less alone

Why Get A Dog?
Why Get A Dog?

Dogs can assist even when people are unable to. They combat social isolation by offering unwavering love, emotional support, and continuous cuddling. According to a small Australian study, owning a dog reduces loneliness.

In a survey of pet owners and non-owners across the country, the Human Animal Bond Research Institute discovered that 85% of participants agreed that spending time with pets makes people feel less lonely. The majority agree that social isolation can be decreased by interactions between people and their pets.

03Dogs make us more social

Why Get A Dog?
Why Get A Dog?

Walking a dog with us can make us more personable and provide a topic for conversation. Consider the number of conversations you’ve had with others, whether they were your neighbors or acquaintances you met at the dog park.

According to research, about 40% of dog owners reported having difficulty making friends. The best approach to making new acquaintances and getting to know strangers is through dogs.

According to research conducted at Tufts University’s Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, having a pet makes people feel more a part of their communities and human interactions.

04Having a Dog Improves Your Physical Well-being and Encourages Healthy Fitness

Yes, of course! Both you and your dog need to exercise every day. People who own dogs are more active because they are responsible for exercising and working with them.

05. Dogs increase your mood dramatically

Why Get A Dog?
Why Get A Dog?

Just 15 to 30 minutes with your dog can make you feel calmer and more at ease, lowering your stress levels and making you happier. Dopamine and serotonin, two chemicals linked to joy and tranquility, increase in your brain when you play with your dog. Therefore, grab a toy and play with your dog the next time you have a bad day! You’ll smile when you see that tail wag.

06. Dogs Can Make You Healthier

Why Get A Dog?
Why Get A Dog?

Dogs are playful, high-energy pets that require exercise. By adjusting their dog’s lifestyles, dog owners can increase their daily exercise levels. Dog owners are 54% more likely than non-dog owners to get the recommended amount of exercise, according to the American Heart Association.

 Many dog owners see a reduction in blood pressure, triglycerides, and cholesterol levels as a result and because of a more robust immune system due to exposure to canine fur and dandruff, making them less susceptible to heart disease.

07Owning a Dog Could Make You More Attractive to Potential Love Matches

A study by Dog’s Trust found that out of 700 respondents, 60% said that owning a dog may make others more attractive and that 85% believed individuals are more approachable when they are with a dog.

08 Because They Live to Protect Their Little Mates

Additionally, kids can pick up a lot from their furry friends! Children may feel important and satisfied if they remember to feed, drink, and clean up after a dog.

Children learn about socialization from dogs as well. Unlike most people, dogs are sociable animals that value and require affection. Children can develop more vital social skills by practicing interacting with a dog in front of strangers and other kids.                     

09Dogs are So Adorable, They Make us Love

Puppies are particularly alluring because a dog’s facial features have an “infant schema.” These “social releasers” cause people to care about others automatically. The next time you find yourself captivated by a dog video, consider how lovely, from a scientific perspective, it’s large eyes and floppy ears are.

10. Dogs Encourage You to Move

Long strolls along sidewalks, trails, and other paths add up. A 2019 British study found that dog owners are nearly four times as likely to meet recommended daily physical activity levels as non-dog owners.

Dog owners walk their dogs for close to 300 minutes every week. That’s 200 extra walking minutes than those who don’t own a dog.

What You Should Know Before Get A Dog

Why Get A Dog?
Why Get A Dog?

 The experience of owning a dog is unique. Friendship, special connection, and cuteness are just the beginning! Even The Washington Post acknowledged that there is evidence to support the idea that dogs genuinely care about people.

Read on for the top 10 things to know before having a dog to give your (new) greatest furry buddy what they need regarding love, attention, and care.

01. Breed Research

It’s crucial to complete your homework on dog breeds before picking the first attractive dog you come across. Pick a breed that complements your way of life and environment. You must consider the size of your living space, your surroundings (such as whether you live in the city or the country), and your family composition (such as if you have young children or are living alone).                                                                                                                                          

02. Dogs Are For Life

Dogs live an average of 13 years, so be sure you’re preparing for a lengthy, committed relationship with your new pet. That entails continuing to love your pet throughout all of their life stages, including their naughty, active teens and their senior years, like Fido. 

03. Exercise Needs

Dogs require daily exercise since they are so energetic. Includes playing in your garden or taking your dog for a walk in the neighborhood park at least once daily. It’s crucial to remember that some dog breeds require more exercise than others when selecting a breed.

04. Dog Training

As a result of those above, your dog will require extensive training, particularly if you are purchasing a little puppy. Your rug has likely seen at least one bathroom accident, and don’t be surprised if your favorite pair of shoes have some teeth marks on them. Your dog will require intensive training, either at puppy school or at home, to stop harmful behaviors like these.

Why Get A Dog?
Why Get A Dog?

05. Child Friendly

If you have kids, the thought of a dog appearing beneath the tree for Christmas will seem like the best present ever. Before adopting a dog, you must introduce your kids to the animal and the animal to your kids. Seeing how they get along before making a surprise purchase is essential because many dogs don’t get along with young children.                     

06. Pet Proofing Your Home

Once your new puppy is home, your house will never be the same again. To protect your dog and furniture, you must “pet-proof” your house. Keep things such as hanging cords and vertical blinds put away to prevent mishaps and keep any poisonous foods for your dog out of their reach. If you have expensive furniture, protecting it with a cover or throw is a bright idea, or you can teach your dog not to jump up is an option.                       

07. A Family Member

A member of your family is your dog. Treat them accordingly! They need love and affection and will return it a hundredfold.                                                                                     

08. Pet Healthcare

Why Get A Dog?
Why Get A Dog?

Your dog’s health is more important than anything else, so ensure you are familiar with a trustworthy veterinarian in the region. There will be moments in your dog’s life when they are healthy and times when they need emergency medical care. Dogs can get sick and hurt just like people, so monitoring their vaccinations is critical to ensure they stay as healthy as possible. Typically, buying health insurance to help with this and cover sizable unforeseen medical costs makes sense.

09. Lifetime Costs

Make sure you have the money to care for your dog from when they are puppies to when they are old because dogs are expensive. The costs don’t stop with the initial cost of your dog, which is often between £400 and £900. To keep your pet content and secure, they require regular visits to the veterinarian, enough food and water, a bed, a collar, a lead, and other accessories. Keeping a dog costs about £16,900 on average during its lifespan. However, actual costs may vary depending on the dog’s type, size, and health.

10. Time Consuming

Prepare to give up some time. Having a new puppy involves accepting the duty of caring for a live thing whose needs frequently come before your own, much like having a young child. Implies that you might have to invest more time and effort than you initially anticipated or were used to into this tiny creature. You can’t just get up and leave at the last minute for a fun weekend with pals like you might be used to. Having a plan for who will take care of your dog while you are away, including providing food, walks, and supervision, would be beneficial.

20 Benefits of Get a Dog

Physical Health Benefits of Get a Dog

Why Get A Dog?
Why Get A Dog?

It’s no secret that people adore dogs, and it turns out that our bodies feel the same way. Check out these paw-some advantages of dog ownership for your physical health:

1. People who sleep near their dogs frequently have more restful nights.

2. By reducing infant ear infections, colds, and the early onset of asthma and pet allergies, growing up near dogs can improve kids’ health.

3. Seniors who own dogs have a 24% decreased likelihood of dying from any cause and a lower risk of cardiovascular death.  

4. Dog owners are four times more likely to meet suggested daily fitness goals because they must go outside and walk their dogs every day.

5. Dogs can lower their owners’ cholesterol levels, reducing their heart disease risk.

Social Benefits of Get a Dog

Why Get A Dog?
Why Get A Dog?

A dog can be a person’s best companion and facilitate social interactions. Consider some of these social advantages of getting a dog.

7. 40% of dog owners say it’s simpler to make friends than dog-free people.  

8. A man has a better chance of getting a woman’s number when accompanied by a dog than by himself. 

9. 63% of single Americans are lured to dating app profiles with dogs.

10. Sometimes, children who grow up around dogs exhibit higher levels of empathy than children who do not.

11. Children with autism and other developmental disorders can benefit from social interaction when exposed to dogs. 

12. Your buddies may visit your house or apartment more frequently if you have a dog. 

13. Having a dog by their side can encourage more cordial interactions with strangers for those who use wheelchairs.

Emotional Benefits of Having a Dog

Why Get A Dog?
Why Get A Dog?

Getting a dog will make you happier. Studies have shown that puppies can elevate mood. Not persuaded? The following are some surprising advantages of having dogs in your life for your emotional health:

14. Those who own dogs frequently have higher self-esteem. 

15. Running with a dog uplifts your mood even more than running alone.

16.85% of respondents say that spending time with pets makes them feel less lonely. 

17. Having a dog helps reduce emotional suffering in preteens and college students.

18. Your body’s dopamine levels can rise simply from gazing at a dog, which causes good emotions.  

19. Growing up with a dog can reduce aggression and promote sensitivity in elementary school-aged children.  

20. The stress hormone cortisol can lower by petting a dog. 

We all agree that dogs are adorable and enjoyable to play with. They eat a lot, defecate, and get into trouble. They cost a lot of money and demand a lot of your time.

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