Do Cats Understand Kisses

Do Cats Understand Kisses? 6 Signs That Cats Like Kisses

Do Cats Understand Kisses? It has long been a mystery to cat owners whether cats learn kisses as people do. It has long been a mystery to cat owners whether cats learn kisses as people do. Some felines could relish being kissed or even seem to reciprocate by “kissing” their owner’s back.

But rather than comprehending the concept of a kiss, it’s more likely that they are just reacting to their owners’ affectionate behavior and the physical feelings that come with being kissed.

Respecting the distinct needs and boundaries of cats is vital since cats communicate differently from people. If you pay attention to your cat’s body language, you can tell if she enjoys your kisses. For instance, leaning forward, headbutting, purring, and meowing indicate that she wants it. But if she swats you or walks away, you can be sure she doesn’t like it. How to tell if your cat like kisses

Signs That Cat Like Kisses / Do Cats Understand Kisses?

Do Cats Understand Kisses
Do Cats Understand Kisses
  • Closing its eyes
  • Leans Forward with Ears Up
  • purring 
  • Tolerates Your Affection
  • Rubs Head on You
  • Raises Their Tail

Closing its eyes

If your cat closes its eyes while you are kissing it, it might be expressing trust and relaxation since cats frequently do so as a show of contentment

Leans Forward with Ears Up

Looking at her ears could reveal yet another indication that she loves cats.

She is ready for your love and attention, whether through kisses, hugs, or just plain old petting if her ears perk up, which means you have her full attention.


If your cat purrs while you are kissing it, it can be because it is enjoying the attention because cats frequently purr when they are happy and calm.                                                                                             

Tolerates Your Affection

Not all cats will consent to being kissed.

Many cats dislike being kissed, although they will tolerate it if it is their favorite owner.

Cats accept kissing and other affectionate gestures.

Rubs Head on You

Your feline friend may also express love by rubbing their head against your face or cheeks.  It is just another indicator that your cat likes and trusts your kisses.  In addition to expressing her love, this is another way she marks her territory. On their cheeks, cats have scent glands that produce pheromones. They also use these pheromones to mark their territory and ward off other cats.

Raises Their Tail

Cats often mistakenly interpret lifting their tails as aggressiveness. Cats can raise their tails to express happiness or devotion to their owners, but this is not always true. Cats can express affection by wrapping their tail around their owners’ arms or legs.

Signs That Cat Doesn’t Like Kisses

Do Cats Understand Kisses
Do Cats Understand Kisses

Turning its Head Away 

If your cat tries to flee from you while you are kissing it or turns its head away, it might not be a fan of the attention

Your Cat Swishes Its Tail

The cat is likely agitated, irritated, or upset if it vigorously waves its tail from side to side.

Therefore, avoid kissing your cat for fear that it will bite you. Your cat droops its ears.

Your Cat Puts Its Ears Back

You should watch because it’s not a good sign if the cat’s ears are not straight.

Hissing or Growling

Cats may hiss or bark when frightened or irritated. Your cat does not like the attention if it makes these noises when you are kissing it.

Flicking Its Paws

When cats are agitated or uneasy, they may flick their paws. Your cat may not be enjoying the attention if it starts flicking its feet while you are kissing it. Every cat is different. Therefore, it’s vital to remember that what one cat may not appreciate may not be the same for another.      

It’s wise to observe your cat’s behavior and body language to learn more about what it likes and dislikes. Give your cat space and respect its limits if you detect any of the habits above.

Is It Ok to Kiss Your Cat?

Do Cats Understand Kisses
Do Cats Understand Kisses

Yes, you can kiss your cat, but only if both of you are clean and free from infection.

Since diseases can spread through kissing, you should consider whether you and your pet are healthy. This type of personal touch should avoid at all costs if one of you is ill!

If your cat is used to this level of human contact is something else to think about. You might not appreciate the abrupt invasion of personal space if you’ve never kissed. 

The most important thing to remember when kissing is to keep your lips free of kisses for sanitary reasons.

Additionally, it’s best to avoid touching the stomach because most cats detest having their bellies rubbed. A quick peck will do if you want a cat kiss because cats enjoy brief interactions.   

Why do Cats Purr on Your Lips?

Cats may kiss you on the lips out of affection, curiosity about what you are eating, or because it brings back memories of when they were kittens. For hygienic reasons, it’s not a good idea to let your cat kiss you on the lips.

Do Cats Understand Kisses?
Do Cats Understand Kisses?

Is It Ok to Kiss My Cat on The Mouth?

We love to give kisses to our cats because we treat them as members of our family.

Some even go so far as to kiss their cat’s mouth.

But is Doing so Actually Acceptable?

Although it’s generally not a big deal, kissing our cats on the mouth could be unhygienic.

If you kiss your cat on the mouth, you can pick up bacteria, an infection, or even a digestive disorder.

Fortunately, mouth-to-mouth affectionate displays are less common in cats.

What Are the Things You Should Be Mindful About Before Kissing Your Cat?

Before kissing your feline buddy, you should know many things, including the following:

  • Avoid kissing your furry friend on the lips.
  • Many cats dislike getting their lips kissed.
  • They do this because they believe their personal space is invading.
  • Never kiss your cat on the lips unless you have a close relationship with it.
  • Cats can also transmit bacteria, ringworm, parasites, cat scratch fever, and other diseases to people when their saliva touches their skin.
  • Never kiss a cat you don’t know well.
  • Kissing a cat, you don’t know could have negative consequences because cats are fiercely protective.
  • Some cats might not accept it, while others might inflict harm.

Do Cats Know that You Love Them?

Do Cats Understand Kisses?
Do Cats Understand Kisses?

Cats aren’t exactly the most talkative animals in the animal kingdom, as anyone who has attempted a serious conversation with one can attest. At times, they can be utterly frustrating. Do they recognize our devotion to them? Do felines comprehend kisses?

Some experts claim that the honest answer is indeed yes. Cats are incredibly perceptive of their surroundings and the people in them and can pick up on our nonverbal and spoken clues. Therefore, they understand we care about them when we show affection.

Of course, whether or whether they feel the same way about you is an entirely different matter. Even though our feline friends don’t always reciprocate our love in the manner we would hope, at least it gives us peace of mind to know they are aware of it.

Do Cats Understand Human Language

Do Cats Understand Kisses?
Do Cats Understand Kisses?

Do felines comprehend spoken language? It’s a topic that cat owners and specialists in animal behavior have long disputed. And while the question remains unanswered, some evidence points to the possibility that our feline pals can understand at least some of what we’re saying.

For instance, research has shown that cats can recognize different human voices and respond differently to their owner’s representative vs. a voice from a stranger. Implies that kids can discern specific meaning-indicating speech signals. Additionally, when adequately trained (like dogs), cats have been known to respond to particular words and commands.

Therefore, although they might not fully comprehend our language’s grammar or syntax, they can learn to connect certain words with particular behaviors or actions. Of course, it’s also crucial to remember that cats primarily communicate with us through vocalizations and body language. Therefore, even if they don’t always appear to listen when we speak to them, there’s a good chance they’re taking in more than we realize!

Is It Wrong to Kiss Your Cat on The Nose?

Kissing a kitten on the lips or the tip of the nose is not a good idea because you know where the nose and mouth have been. Also, don’t kiss the feline or canine while fast asleep. The animal can become alarmed as a result.

Can You Get Toxoplasmosis from Kissing Your Cat?

It is unlikely that touching, getting scratched, or being bitten by your cat would cause you to contract toxoplasmosis because the bacterium does not spread through the fur or saliva. Eating undercooked, infected meat, especially lamb and pork, can result in toxoplasmosis.

Is It Wrong to Kiss Your Cat on The Lips?

Thus, at any given time, a cat’s mouth may not be any dirtier than our mouth. Cats, however, have several different microorganisms that cause gum disease in their mouths. Keep your cat from kissing your lips out of safety. A kiss on the head is equally affectionate and much less likely to spread disease.

Have you ever kissed your cat? Do Cats Understand Kisses? [Video]

Bottom Line

Cats may respond differently to kisses since they don’t understand their meaning. Make sure you have a bond with your cat before you start kissing it to prevent injury. Before kissing the cat, be sure to read its mood. You can kiss your cat while playing with it if it enjoys receiving kisses.

However, if it doesn’t enjoy kissing, try expressing your love differently. Cats are unique creatures; you should respect their emotions regardless of how they respond to your kisses. Some people could recognize that your kisses are an expression of affection, while others might not. We wish you success as you work to establish a relationship and connection with your kitty companion.

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